Que: What is HDF?

Ans: HDF is a kind of superior and more fine mdf(medium density fiber). HDF(High density fibre), Color light brown.

Que: Can we wash the boxes/trays?

Ans: NO, as your box will get damage.

Que: How to clean the box?

Ans: Just use a damp cloth and clean it.

Que: What is plywood?

Ans: Plywood is a kind of wood which is moisture resistant and can clean it using a damp cloth. Which is pinwood texture have natural cream kind color.

Que: HDF or plywood which is more costly?

Ans: Plywood is 7x more costly then hdf. For bulk orders it depends on you that which wood you want to use for box making.

Que: What material you company use for box making?

Ans: Mostly, HDF, Plywood, Acrylic , paper.

Que: Is company manufacturing cardboard boxes?

Ans: No we are only manufacturing, wooden and paper boxes.

Que: What paint you company is using?

Ans: We are using high quality spray paint.

Que: Can box be done in any Size?

Ans: Yes, All the designs are customizable.

Que: Can company make boxes as per customers design?

Ans: Yes. Tell us your product size and design, will get it done.

Que: What GSM is used for paper boxes?

Ans: Generally it’s between 180-300gsm.

Que: Are these paper boxes self-foldable or customer will get foldable boxes?

Ans: Customer will get flat pack boxes and need to make by your own as per the guideline. Flat pack boxes benefit is that you have to pay less shipping charges.