14 Innovative party favor packaging ideas

Everyone is aware of the growing need to protect the environment and if it is through your favor, your guests are able to contribute towards this end, they are surely going to appreciate and love your wedding favor. Hence, you can give out seedlings or small pots of plants to the guests or anything similar which will help save the environment. Besides the nature of the favor, a lot of thought needs to be put into the packing of the same as well.

Many brides and grooms prefer to hire the services of a good trousseau packer in Lucknow for this job. 

Some of the latest ideas used for the packing of edible or non-edible party favors are as follows:

Wooden Boxes

From wooden boxes to laser cut boxes, there is a huge range available in the market. Based on your budget and the nature of the favor that will be put inside the box, choose a box which will actually add beauty and value to your favor. Here are some photos given below for helps.

Wooden laser cut pouch  Laser cut heart shape box  Laser cut mdf box  Rose laser cut box  wooden bicycle   premium coin boxes

UV Printed box

Decorative Trays 

Instead of hiding your favor inside a box, if you wish to display your favor, you can opt for designer trays. Like if you are gifting your favorite plant, herb or succulent then you can keep it in a tray or basket, custom the tray with couple name or paint your tray and your gift is ready.

Shubh Labh laser cut basket  Personalized tray with couple name  Chariot   Laser cut oval shape basket  Laser cut cradle laser cut tray with acrylic cover

Jute | Fabric | Crochet gift wraps

It’s an increasing trend to wrap the edible or non-edible items in an eye catchy gift wrapping fabrics. Beautifully wrapped present shows you invested time, love and attention. Handwrite a note to your guests for an extra touch. You can also create DIY cloth napkins by sewing the edges of beautiful fabrics. This is a great touch for a rustic wedding.

Crochet wrap  fabric gift wrap  fabric gift wrap  fabric gift wrap  fabric gift wrap ideas  fabric gift wrap ideas

Printed plastic pouches

There are lots of printed plastic bags and cellophanes are available in the market and they are so beautifully printed that, when you keep your items inside the packet, it enhance the beauty of your edible or non-edible party favor whether chocolates | jewelry |cookies etc.

plastic wrap  plastic wrap

Love mugs

Order custom mugs for your event!  Make chocolate or cookie hamper in these and gift it to your guest. Guests will enjoy drinking out of these for years to come and it will remind them of your event day.

Printed cups

Decorative mason jars

Share your favorite cookie / muffin / chocolates by adding the necessary ingredients to a sealed jar and decorate it with paint, lace, or bows. All these are hand décor, so always order in advance, don’t wait for last minute.

Decorative mason jars  Decorative mason jars  Decorative mason jars  Decorative mason jars

Box with the photo

Take wooden or paper box and stick your favorite photo to give your gift a more personal touch.  On wooden boxes you can also get your photo UV printed to give you gift box a digital and premium look or can get your photo engraved on the return gift box.

Box with the photo  box with engraved photo  

Test Tubes Packaging

Tired of the typical wedding gift box or bag? Opt for these personalized favor tubes for a unique spin and easy way to pass out an assortment of candies that match your wedding colors or you can put coffee powder with sugar or organic tea.

Test Tubes Packaging  Test Tubes Packaging

Treasure chests

For a wedding by the sea, place your mates’ escort cards and treasures—argh, favors—in these detailed mini wooden treasure chests.

Treasure chests  Treasure chests box

Small stunning bags

Order mints in bulk to save on the cost. Package them in small stunning bags and add a trendy gift tag. If you’re looking for a minimalistic gift bag that blends into your classic wedding décor, these personalized wedding favor bags are an easy go-to.

Small stunning bags  Small stunning bags

Cardboard boxes


Cardboxes are always used and are among the old kind of packaging. But now a days people are trying colorful flower, geometric , birds printed box with magnetic lock. You can also decorate them with crochet or handmade flowers or lace to give it a new look.

Cardboard boxes

Tin boxes

These aged finish tins are the perfect container for a plants, choclates, muffins etc.  that matches your wedding colors.

Tin boxes Tin boxes  Tin boxes

Laser cut paper boxes

These laser cut gift box are ideal for a wedding or any event. Pick a favorite sweet or salty treat and keep it inside the laser cut box to thank your guests. Use a gift box to showcase them along with a personal note. You can fall in love with laser-cut boxes in seconds due to its beautiful cutting designs. These folded paper boxes would make a great addition to your range of wedding products or packaging. Especially if you are making chocolates, handmade soaps, cookies, handmade jewelry, these boxes will definitely enhance the beauty of your product.

Laser cut boxes  Suit case boxes

Suit case boxes

For the couple who loves to travel, these suitcase-inspired wedding favor boxes complement your adventurous spirit. Fill them with authentic candy from a country your families hail from or a memento that’s a nod to your destination wedding location.

Suit case boxes  Wooden Suit case boxes

No matter what packing you choose, just be sure it has a personal touch. Consider charming stickers that can be ordered weeks or months in advance.. There are ample of unique ideas like you can match the decorations to the theme of your wedding, you can go in for origami decorations, you can use tissues for making beautiful flowers and other shapes to decorate your boxes, trays, or any other packaging selected, etc

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