Laser Cut Paper Boxes: New Era of Gift Boxes In India

In recent, years gift packaging and love for gift boxes have increased a lot. Be it a wedding, birthday parties, get together, anniversary, etc., we always want to pack and display our favors whether edible or non-edible in beautiful favor/gift boxes.


Charming lovely boxes always helps to enhance the gift away favors for any party| function | occasion. To enhance the look of the gift boxes, people also stick or tie custom gift tags with beautiful ribbons. These gift tags are hand printed or digitally printed with the individual's name, couple's name or wish quotes. 


Now a day’s people are not only focusing on just gift boxes, they want more than that, something unique, beautiful, elegant, and which are easy to make and their inside product is visible from the box and are decorated with ribbon, flower or custom tags.


This problem is very well solved by Laser Cut Boxes. These laser cut gift box are ideal for a wedding or any event. Pick a favorite sweet or salty treat and keep it inside the laser cut box to thank your guests. Use a gift box to showcase them along with a personal note. You can fall in love with laser-cut boxes in seconds due to its beautiful cutting designs. These folded paper boxes would make a great addition to your range of wedding products or packaging. Especially if you are making chocolates, handmade soaps, cookies, handmade jewelry, these boxes will definitely enhance the beauty of your product.


Benefits of buying laser cut paper boxes:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Self - Foldable paper boxes (customer can ask vendors to give foldable or made up boxes but if you buying only then should always take flat pack means self-foldable boxes.)
  • Less shipping cost as comes in flat-pack
  • Less storage cost as comes in flat-pack
  • Less space required
  • Beautiful cutting designs enhances the box
  • No threat of getting damage in transit as boxes come in flat-pack to customers
  • A new way of printing on the box through cutting or engraving
  • No die charges for bulk custom boxes
  • One can enhance old gift box with laser cut design


Here are some laser cut boxes that can be used to allure your guests and to make them remember your event for the lifetime - 


 Laser-cut paper cage boxes 


This small cute paper cage can be filled with happiness of chocolates, beautiful handmade soaps, candies, small jewelry, etc. to make your guest feel delightful at your event.


  Laser cut bird cage boxes  


Rose cut gift bag/box


  Lasr cut paper box Laser cut paper box

Giving new look to old boxes

Here you can see how laser cutting has given this box a beautiful look to old suitcase boxes. You can utilize these UNIQUE & COLOURFUL PAPER BOXES to gift your loving guest, friends, children etc. These attractive boxes are used to keep all edible and non- edible items like CHOCOLATES, HAND MADE SOAPS, JEWELLERY, COSMETICS etc.

  Laser cut suitcase box  Laser cut pillow gift box

 SuitCase box                                                                        Pillow Gift Box

Luxury cavity chocolate box with ribbon and stone

Good for chocolates, a packet of 200 gm. dry fruits, ladoos, candies, rolled invitation, etc. As you can see, to enhance the beauty of the box ribbon and stone is used.

  Laser cut slider paper boxes  Christmas slider boxes

Paper box laser cut branding

Get a customized slider box by your company name. Good for chocolates, a packet of 200 gm. dry fruits, Ladoos, candies, rolled invitation, etc.

  Personalized laser cut paper boxes Personalized cage boxes


So, now you know how to enhance your favors with these beautiful favor boxes. ShubhSaugat deals in wide varieties of favor box which you can buy just place your favorite goodie inside and wow your guests with custom gift tags.  Gift Boxes have a psychological effect on the receiver. Favor boxes creates an attraction bias towards the gift itself.

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