Ideas For Party Favors That Are Sure To Garner Appreciation from Your Guests

Just like me, I am pretty sure, you also feel very guilty throwing out the wedding favors received by you. However, most of the time, there is just no thought put into buying these favors and they end up only adding junk to our homes. Leaving us with no other option but to throw them away. If you do not want your wedding favors to be thrown out in this insensitive manner, then you need to put in a little time and thought in choosing exotic Indian wedding favors, which your guests would be able to actually use.

Below are some unique and creative ideas for useful yet elegant favors and gifts:

- Personalized Cosmetics Favors –

Handmade Soaps

Women are very choosy about their cosmetics; the brand of cosmetics used by them, and colors, etc., making this a difficult favor to choose. But, there are certain cosmetic products which almost everyone uses and if they belong to a good brand, no one would have a problem with the same. Hence, in this category, you can give out personalized lip balms, loofahs, body washes, etc. In fact, these personalized cosmetic items make for the perfect bridal shower favors.  

- Personalized tea/coffee coasters –

Personalized wooden tea coasters

Personalized wooden laser cut and engraved tea coasters are the perfect return gifts for the weddings or other occassions as one can have custom name or message on the coaster as per the occassion. Gift these coasters to your guest, which is useful, memorable, new and eco-friendly.

- Exotic and Homemade Edible Wedding Favors –

Wedding Favor

Instead of opting for the regular sweets that are available in the market, you should opt for something unique and special to give out to your guests. If you are good at cooking yourself, you can make jam from the seasonal fruits and give them to your guests. Or else cookies, personalized chocolates, food hamper or anything else that you are good at making would make very special party favors, which all guests are sure to cherish and enjoy.

- Personalized return gift box with attar –

Personalized plywood attar box

An elegant, rigid, moisture resistant wooden box having the attar bottle from the famous perfume brand in Lucknow, Frangrantor's (Sugandhco) with personalised name & date on the box. Closed by a beautiful golden tassel. Mesmerize your guest in any of your event like Wedding, anniversary, corporate meeting, birhtday etc.

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- Seasonal Favors –

Personalized Umbrellas

Another great way of choosing a wedding favor is based on the season and weather conditions during your wedding ceremony. Therefore, if you are having an outdoor summer wedding, you can give out sunglasses to all your guests as favors, or if it is the monsoons, personalized umbrellas would make a lovely wedding favor.

- Silver/Gold Coins –

engraved wooden coin box

Gifting silver or gold coins is very popular in Indian wedding and is very old kind of return gift. But to give it a new look, you can choose new personalized coins wooden boxes with couple names. Best thing is that if you print(engraved) the couple name on the box then you don't have to print in on coins and in this way your guest can re-gift the coins if they want.

- Environmental Favors –

Wedding return gits

Everyone is aware of the growing need to protect the environment and if through your favor, your guests are able to contribute towards this end, they are surely going to appreciate and love your wedding favor. Hence, you can give out seedlings or small pots of plants to the guests or anything similar which will help save the environment.

- Personalized Keepsake boxes –

Personalized keepsake boxes by ShubhSaugat

Guest always want something which is useful and personalized keepsake boxes are the best, as guest can use it for lifetime and whoch will make guest to remembe about your event. So, share your fellings with this cute perosnalized message/name box or add to your party decor.

Besides from the above mentioned party favor, a lot of thought needs to be put into the packing of the same as well.

Many brides and grooms prefer to hire the services of a good trousseau packer in Lucknow for the job. Some of the latest ideas used for the packing of favors.

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